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rules and regulations

Rules and Regulations

Player Handicaps

Players handicaps revisions are based on performance. The criteria is;

70% and above handicaps will be reduced by 1 point with the lowest handicap being 0

30% and below handicaps will be increased by 1 point with the highest handicap being 3.

Amend advising that the maximum provisional handicap is 1 which is nominated by the Team Captain. The Committee has the right to review and adjust provisional handicaps at its discretion.

Provisional handicap performance of winning 2 frames or less, handicap increased by 1.

Provisional handicap performance of winning 4 frames or more, handicap decreased by 1. A winning score of 3 will see no change to the handicap.

Provisional handicaps are reviewed (extended) to 6 frames

All other handicap reviews are reviewed after every 10th frame. Even if you finish the night on 11th frame. Only frames 1-10 will count. Frame 11 will count towards your next handicap review of 11-20.

Reviews are not accumulative. They start again after the 10th or 11th frame even if you have not had a handicap change.

Players handicaps can only move up by 1 from their confirmed or allocated handicap at the beginning of the season.  However, handicaps are not limited in moving down. For example a HCP 1 can only move up to a HCP 2 and a HCP 2 can go down to a HCP 0.

Advice on Handicaps

No coaching or reminding of HC when a player is on the table and it is his/her turn to shoot.

If a player is coached or reminded of the HC when he/she is on the table for his/her shot, it is a FOUL.

When a player is OFF the table, any advice (coaching) or how many of his/her chosen balls(HC) are still on the table can be given. Unfortunately we cannot stop this.

Competition Standards and Rules

The Jakarta Pool League was established 20 years ago, to provide for social interaction between the regular patrons of expat frequented bars in Jakarta within a friendly, competitive pool environment. The League runs two competitions per year, the Jakarta Mens & Ladies Pool League and the Jakarta International Pool League where teams are comprised of both expat and local players. Local female players play in both Leagues. The two competitions are managed by a committee of players, some of whom are bar owners or managers. The standards and rules for the competition are determined democratically by team captains and are set out below

Competition Standards

Tables and Playing Environment
Pool tables and equipment must comply with World Pool-Billiard Association standards for 9 foot tables and the cloth, cushions and balls must be in good condition (http://wpa-pool.com/web/WPA_Tournament_Table_Equipment_Specifications).Inspections will be undertaken upon receipt of complaints.Non-compliance may result in bars not hosting home rounds and not being included in subsequent competitions.

Drink Prices
Bars participating in the League are required to offer drinks at JPL determined prices to all players participating in the competition during the duration of the competition commencing at 7pm until the end of the last match of the evening.  A schedule of these discounted prices is attached.

Registration of Teams
Bars may seek to register as many teams as they wish with the Committee.Registrations may not be accepted if teams are subject to previous disciplinary penalties or sanctions.

Registration of Players
Teams comprise both male and female players. A female may register to play in either female or male designated matches, but not both. A players eligibility to play in the mens is determined by nationality. Players may only play for one team during the season.Teams are responsible for maintaining a register of active players.In order to ensure access to sufficient players and reduce the number of forfeited matches. Teams may seek permission from the committee to deregister players who are no longer available to play and to register replacement players.Approval will be based on evidence provided on the player's availability to play. New players may be registered up to 5pm prior to the evening's competition commencing by advising the official scorer, Cliff Griffiths (0811 8101 088).

Player Eligibility
The League is a social competition for amateur players. Bars and player associations run events for serious pool players wishing to take their pool skills to the next level.Players are not to be paid to play.Professional players have their own competitions.A professional player is defined as a person who has made or is making a living from playing or teaching pool, or a player who participates in competitions on the professional circuit. Former National Team squad member who have not competed for a minimum period of 5 years may play in the JPL and applies to both male and females.

The League is a social competition primarily for Jakarta-based expats however expats residing in Indonesia can also join, however, must be frequent visitors to Jakarta. Expat players are defined as persons hold a foreign passport. The residence requirement can be demonstrated through visas or the bar attesting that the player is a regular patron of the bar. Players must be at least 18 years of age.

Players subsequently found to have breached the eligibility rules will be deregistered and their frames forfeited to the opposing team.


Team Captains
Teams are to nominate team captains from among the team's players.Team captains must be of good character and have a complete understanding of the Competition Standards and Rules of Play.Team captains have several responsibilities.These include: setting the Standards and Rules for the competition, the making of all complaints, reports and appeals to the committee, registering and deregistering team players, organising the attendance and playing order of team members, providing referees for the evening's matches, signing the evening's score sheet and forwarding it to the official scorer and the maintenance of decorum of team players.Team captains have a designated WhatsApp chat room in which they submit photos of score sheets or whiteboard results, and raise and discuss matters.Score sheets are to be submitted by 2pm on the following day.Blank scoresheets may be obtained from the hosting bar.


Referees for matches are nominated by team captains.Opposing captains have the right to not accept nominees.Matches are to be referred alternately.Referees must understand and apply the competition rules impartially and fairly.Only players at the table and team captains may speak to a referee during a match to resolve any interpretations or matters that arise in relation to the application of the rules of play.To resolve a matter in contention or to seek clarification of the rules, a referee or team captain may seek the assistance of the Head Referee, Elwein Ng (0813 1933 9339) or if unavailable, the Captains' Representative.Referees' decisions are final and are to be respected by all players.

Team Shirts
All players are to wear a team shirt for the duration of the evening’s matches. To give teams time to prepare uniforms, this requirement will apply from the 5th week of play. Team shirts are to bear the JPL logo and the logo of the competition sponsor, currently Heineken. No other commercial logos are to be attached to team shirts except the logo of the participating bar. Shirts are not to have team logos that are overtly sexist, lewd or may be considered offensive by local authorities. Logos and team names must be submitted to the Committee for approval.
Failure to wear a team shirt may result in a forfeit of frames for a player not wearing a team uniform. It is up to the opposing Captain whether to advise the official scorer of a failure to comply in the jointly signed scoresheet submitted after play. Where notified, frames will be forfeited for players not properly attired. Not wearing a team shirt will lessen the commercial impact promised to our sponsors and may lead to lack of access to player discounted drinks as players are identified as those wearing team shirts.

Conduct of Play
Unsportsmanlike behaviour or cheating by players will not be tolerated.  This includes coaching of players about potential shots or disturbing players at the table.  Referees should initially speak to a team captain about any such conduct and subsequently may award a loss of frame to the offending team.  Players are not to engage in conduct which may bring the League into disrepute.  Physical or verbal abuse will not be tolerated.  Offenders may be reported to the League Committee and may be subject to the League’s disciplinary procedures and penalties.
Players are to be present on time for their matches.  Players are given 10 minutes to commence a match following the conclusion of the previous match.  However, flexibility is encouraged.  Captains may switch the order of matches, for example by playing a female or mixed doubles match where a male player is running late.  Failure to field a player on time results in a forfeit of the absent player’s frames to the nominated available player.  Unless in exceptional circumstances, such as floods, civil disturbances or blackouts, teams may not forfeit an entire evening’s matches or the participating bar’s team registration may not be accepted in subsequent League competitions.  Where it is not possible to play an evening’s matches, team captains may reschedule the match to a time convenient to both teams.
Referees are to ensure that players should not be disturbed when playing their shots by passing customers or service staff.  This includes standing approximate to, or passing across a player’s line of shot.

Team Scoring and Rankings
The competition is broken into two phases, the round robin phase where teams play each other team at home or away and the finals phase where matches are determined by team rankings after the round robin phase.  Team rankings are determined by three factors, points, results head to head and frames won.  Teams who win the most frames on the night or who have a bye are awarded 3 points.  Draws result in 1 point to each team.  In the event of total points being level, ranking order is determined by head-to-head results.  Where there are more than two teams with equal points, and head-to-head results cannot differentiate between teams, frames won will determine final rankings.  The team ranked first will be the League Champion.

League Finals

Most teams will participate in the finals and compete for two League Trophies - The League Cup and the League Bowl. Teams ranked 1 - 8 will compete for the Cup and Bowl. League Trophies are perpetual trophies and must be returned prior to the finals phase. To be eligible to play in the finals, players must have played 8 frames in the round robin phase.
The quarter finals are played on week nights. The semi-finals and finals are played on finals Saturday, referred to as the Big Show. There are no walk-overs at the Big Show. Bars unable or unwilling to field a team will be replaced by the team they beat in the earlier round.

The mens and ladies finals are played separately albeit at the same venue. The ladies is a best of six frames and therefore a minimum of 3 players are required as players are restricted to a maximum of two frames in a match.

Qualifications for the Finals are:
1. Players will need to play a minimum of 8 frames to qualify for the team playoffs.
2. To qualify for the singles competition. A Male player needs to play a minimum of 10 frames and a female player needs to play a minimum of 8 frames.

Singles Competition and Finals
In addition to team rankings, individual players are also ranked on winning percentages in the round robin phase of the competition.  The top 24 expat men and the top 8 Indonesian men and top 16 women will be invited to advance to the singles finals preliminary rounds, usually conducted on the Saturday prior to the Big Show.  Players must register on the day or will be disqualified.  It is a knock out competition with players playing for the higher-ranking position.  The highest ranked players will play the lowest ranked players (1 plays 32 and 2 plays 31 etc. for Men and 1 plays 16 and 2 plays 15 for Ladies and the second round of the men’s play-offs etc.).

Qualifications for the Finals are:

Players will need to play a minimum of 8 frames to qualify for the team playoffs.

To qualify for the singles competition. A Male player needs to play a minimum of 10 frames and a female player needs to play a minimum of 8 frames.

Disciplinary and Review Arrangements
Any complaints about non-compliance with the League’s Standards or Rules of Play may be submitted to the League Committee for resolution within 7 days of any incident occurring.  The committee may appoint a person to investigate the complaint who will make a recommendation to the Committee on what actions should be taken.  Where the complaint is about matters other than an individual player’s actions, the Committee may seek to conciliate initially prior to any arbitration.  If a matter proceeds to arbitration, the Committee may take submissions and consider the complaint en banc.  The Committee will apply the rules of procedural fairness in its processes involving: decision-makers informing people of the case against them or their interests, giving them a right to be heard (the ‘hearing’ rule), not having a personal interest in the outcome (the rule against ‘bias’), and acting only on logically probative evidence (the ‘no evidence’ rule).  Complaints can only be made by team captains.
Where transgressions are found to occur, the Committee can apply a range of non-financial sanctions or conditions to redress harm or disadvantage ranging from admonition to suspension of playing rights.

Competition Rules
JPL competitions are eight ball, 16 individual per match. Team competitions played every Wednesday evening in participating bars on a home or away basis.The schedule of matches can be found on the website.The competition starts at 8pm sharp with practice time on the match table provided to the visiting team from 7.30pm.

Playing Order
For the round robin phase, captains write the names of their players down on a scoreboard or agreed scoresheet one at a time in a predetermined order for the singles matches.The home team writes down the first name and each team takes successive turns to write down their player's name.In the finals, the lower ranked team nominates the first player for the first singles match.Frames are alternate break with the first break determined by a lag prior to the first frame of the evening's competition.Subsequent first breaks are to alternate between teams.The women's matches are the 5th and 6th frames and the 11th and 12th frames of every match.

Game Duration
Shots should be played in a timely manner.A shot clock may be requested at any time during a match by a captain or either player involved in that match.The referee will decide whether to use a shot clock or not.Where a shot clock is used, it will be applied to both players.Shot clocks will be used in the finals.Each player has 1 minute to make a shot with two 30 second extensions permitted per frame.Extensions are not cumulative with only one extension permitted per shot.Players are to be notified when 20 seconds remain on the shot clock except when a player is over the shot.Extensions are automatic but referees must advise players when an extension has been used.

Playing Rules
The League follows the World Pool-Billiard Association rules of play (http://wpa-pool.com/web/the_rules_of_play#1.2), as amended by the League's local rules.Local rules are determined to cover the exceptional circumstances of the League and its venues.The local rules are attached.

Jakarta Pool League Local Rules (Variations to WPA Rules

Shot clock
Where, at the request of a captain, the referee applies a shot clock to a match, each player has 1 minute to make a shot with two 30 second extensions permitted per frame, one extension per shot.  Players are to be notified when 20 seconds remain on the shot clock except when a player is over the shot.  Extensions are automatic but referees must advise players when an extension has been used. (WPA Rules are: 35 seconds per shot with a warning when 10 seconds).

Prompting Calls and Protesting Rulings
Only players at the table and team captains may speak to a referee during a match to resolve any interpretations or matters that arise in relation to the application of the rules of play.  To resolve a matter in contention or to seek clarification, a referee or team captain may seek the assistance of the Head Referee, Elwein Ng (0813 1933 9339) or if unavailable, Cliff Griffiths (0811 8101 088).  Referees’ decisions are final and are to be respected by all players. (WPA Rules are: A player is allowed to ask for a reconsideration of a factual decision by the referee only one time.)

Remaining in Player’s Chair
Players are not required to remain in a player’s chair provided they do not disturb their opponent when playing their shots.  This includes standing approximate to, or passing across a player’s line of shot. (WPA Rules are:  The non-shooting player should remain in his designated chair while his opponent is at the table and only leave the playing area during matches with the permission of the referee.)

Jump Shots
To preserve the playing surfaces on the tables, players are not permitted to play jump shots.
(WPA Rules permit jump shots)

Player Eligibility
Only greater Jakarta resident local players with a local handicap of 5 or below may play in the league. Residency is evidenced by a player’s KTP. Current female national team members may play but only in male designated matches.

JPL Drink Prices

The following price list is the agreed discounted drink prices for popular drinks on Wednesday nights.These prices are available from 7pm until the completion of the last frame of the evening's matches.

Draught Beer





Pitchers (1.5ltr)





Spirits- House Pours

Standard Scotch, Bourbon, Vodka, Gin, Rum with Soda


Other Drinks
All other drinks are at regular bar prices.


All prices nett.Prices may be subject to change due to wholesale price rises resulting from changes in import duties, tax or exchange rates.In the event of price rises within the period of the competition, team captains will be notified by the JPL Committee of any revised changes.

Rule Changes

Pool Cue Placed on Table

The Committee has decided that from now on..putting the cue on the table is NOT a foul..
This is because we are a social league and we do not want to have any arguments which is not conducive of an amateur pool community.

Previously, teams were restricted to how many players could be registered and play. As per the 2019 Jakarta International Pool League Season, the restrictions have been lifted and teams are free to register as many players as they'd like. Though to be eligible for playoffs/singles, they have to still qualify with the minimum required frames

When the cue ball and object ball are in contact with each other or are less than "one chalk" apart.The Referee must declare that the balls are frozen and the player must shoot the cue ball at an angle of at least 45 degrees at the object ball.This is to avoid double hitting with the cue and object balls.Failure to do so will result in a foul shot with a ball in hand penalty.

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Big Show Date is on 17 June 2023
Singles finals are on 10 June 2023

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